Between her and ruby sparks


this post was meant to be posted yesterday, but i was travelling so it had to wait. i'm not a big fan of movies on romance, but had to comment between these two.

i watched her before ruby sparks, and was initially put off  watching the former because i wasn't so convince with the poster haha. i love how bright the poster is, the font, and the color of joaquin phoenix eyes are, but didn't like the stache and the word love story stated there. i was expecting a cheesy, predictable love story! i didnt watch the trailer, but i'm glad i watched it in the end. and the soundtrack! out of the world. 

without giving out too much on the both movies * just in case you haven't had the chance to watch it yet* her is basically a love story that breaks boundaries *lol* i guess the director was exploring how a relationship would evolve considering we are so dependent on technology and will only continue our reliance towards it. the idea is fresh and unpredictable on my view - i don't watch a lot of movies so pardon me if there is other movies that are slightly similar to her - and i love the cinematography of this film. the color reminds me of a movies that was set in maybe the 80's/90's, bright colors on the clothing, furniture, but the color of the movie itself gives a vibe, but the objects around them are actually in a modern era. 

i believe that apart from a the story line of a movie, it's soundtrack is essential to it's success as well, first being walter mitty, and now, her. love how arcade fire composed all the music, and by listening to the soundtrack feels like it's telling a story of it's own, albeit fitting her perfectly as well.  

ruby sparks, on the other hand, released in 2012, not sure if it was aired in malaysia or not, was suggested by a blogger so i gave it a go. loved the story line as well, it's about an author who is facing writer's block and upon writing an assignment suggested to him by his therapist, his imagination became real! for most part of the movie, where they thought the writer was having hallucinations i was expecting them to confirm that he indeed was going mental or something but i'm glad they sort of blur out the part without clarifying whether he was having a breakdown - they didn't have to - all i can say is it's a happy ending,  and most importantly, it felt real, and it's from the point of view of a guy's which i find it interesting. and i only found out after watching the movie that they story was written by the actress herself, and both of them are real life couple!! which made me happier because while i was watching the movie i thought their chemistry was so evident on screen! felt so natural and real. 

both movies are equally good, although i find her to be quite long-winded in the middle part, but the soundtrack was really good, and it sort of made up the flaws for the movie, and while i loved ruby sparks entirely, the soundtrack could have been better? anyhow both movies are highly recommended by me ;)

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