Dawgie's day

so here's numerous pictures of my dog.......not looking at the camera. man, taking pictures of my dog is so hard. it's either 1. he's not looking in the camera or 2. he wants to lick the camera, like literally. or maybe he's busy sniffing something out. 

finally!! he likes looking sideways though. 

see what i mean?

here's him wanting a pet on his head. his usual pose. 

oh hey! a pic of my mum's berries in the backyard. not sure what it's called but it does taste like some sort of berries. asian/tropical berries haha. 

and i end this post with my dog enjoying a bone. look at the way he sits!! that's how he looks like when he's having a cookie. i'm not sure if this happens to all dogs, but my dog has a sweet tooth. he loves his cookies/sweets/treats. i had to always remind my mum the line is drawn with chocolate. even chocolate coated ones!! 

such is a life of a dog.


ps: i was sort of experimenting with photoshop so there are different versions/colors of pictures up there. pardon me.

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