remnants on the kitchen table

mum made porridge for lunch today. usually i would be pleased by this comfort food (other than fried rice) but i was craving for something super spicy and sour. (read: tom yam).  porridge is so damn bland.

happy porridge.when i was a kid i used to make my initials using soya sauce. it usually happens when mum's not around. she was asking if i was attempting to kill myself with crazy amount of saltiness. oh well, i had to settle with wasabi flavored chips instead.

pineapple daisies? from melacca. homemade ones are still the best.

the popular pop mie from makassar, sitting at a corner. sadly junk food ain't so welcomed by the
 family. well, except for me. 

wasabi potato chips. almost forgotten how wasabi makes your nose go crazy. argh i hate that feeling.  
would rather stick to jalapenos/chilli padis for that needed dose of spiciness.


yummiest and creamiest mochacinno ever. so darn cheap in makassar. regret not getting more of it. the store near my house stock larger version of this and it cost rm22 a box!! the ones in indonesia are only 8000 something rupiah only. :( 
 korean green tea. at least i tried to be healthy. :)

what's on your table?

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