sir richard branson will be wearing a stewardess's uniform!

i'm not kidding you

the super rich owner of Virgin will be wearing air asia's stewardess's uniform.

initially i thought it was some sort of prank.

but then i recalled april was a long time ago

and then i read about it in the newspaper

and then at the online paper.

if you're wondering how did all of this happen you can click here

ok, so this must be true then

it's so widely circulated now that, sir richard branson, there's no way you can buy yourself out of this :)

and today i read that mr fernando want's to convince him to shave his legs and put on make up!

oh. my. god.

you will even be having your own name tag!

i feel for you, dude.

but hey, a bet is a bet, and it's all for charity right?

plus you've done so many out of the ordinary and life threatening stunts before so i guess this one will be a piece of cake to you...

don't worry, you'll still be an inspration to me even after you wear that uniform :)

i wonder who will be on that flight.....

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