memories 10/4/2014

memories are short and fleeting, you never know which will stay in your mind for long, or which one will be the first to be forgotten.

do i want to remember when dawgie passed? i remember i cant wait to go home to finally give him his favorite head rub only to hear from my parents that he has passed away tragically. i didn't even have time to react. and then i realise all of my pets in the past has passed before their time came, my pet chickens was taken away by the health officials for fear of the SARS outbreak. ever since that fateful day i never talk to that neighbor who reported it, freaking paranoid old lady there was no SARS in my area at all you fool!

i have never had the chance to say goodbye to both my pets. it was truly agonizing. now i cant stand to have another pet. the fact that you have to endure what came when they pass away is so painful! i just cant deal with it. 

now all that's left of dawgie is his dog house that my dad designed and had it custom made for him. it was a sad sad day. and i know some of you might not understand it but i choose to move on rather than stay sad. as a buddhist i would wish that he will have a better next life when he gets reborn.

so now whenever i miss him i just imagine him walking next to me and give him an imaginary pet. 


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