let's talk music, shall we?

submission season is finally over!!!! *insert dance here*


not sure about grades yet, but finally i'm reminded how post submission feels like, FINALLLY. apart from 
some tiny little paperwork and some amendments on assignments, i'll be on my way to the holidays.... so fun talking to the lecturer and he said see ya guys again next semester!! hahah feels so good. kinda feels like in hogwarts, we can finally take the train home !!

anyways. speaking of music. as i mention previously about working and listening to music. i randomly clicked lorde's music and OH LORDE!!! the album pure heroine is good. i mean, i was sort of skeptical at first because her song royals was kinda of overplayed on radio and it is now more annoying than it was good. so. i gave the album pure heroine a chance and the tunes were heavenly. i love all of it, particularly buzzcut season, ribs, all of it except for royals. 

and the soundtrack for walter mitty. so good. do realise my vocab is pretty limited here. when i like something i go : so gooooooooooood. the goodness is depended on the number of o's i put in the word. i find using the word awesome, mind blown, fantastic, outstanding, excellent kinda pretentious. the other day i heard a friend using the word pretentious in a weird way and i cringed. didn't have the heart to correct her. probably next time. it's annoying you know? sometimes, i mean, you don't want to be the grammar nazi correcting people's grammar every single time right? besides, i'm not that great myself so i'll pass. 

back to walter mitty. the soundtrack has introduced me to more new music/performers that i've never heard before, and i'm absolutly happy with the addition. didn't know space oddity was the song for "ground control to major tom!" i actually like kristin wiig's version. it was is very good. the band of monsters and men was good, jose gonzalez as well, i mean every song is worth listening to! i've put the links here so keep it on replay! it is absolutely rare for an album/soundtrack where you would like all of the songs. 

*spoiler of the movie ahead. stop reading if you have not watched the movie. if you don't mind just keep reading*

regarding the movie, i like how they incorporated the motto of life magazine in the movie. so apt. i didn't read the book, and initially i thought the part where he worked in life was part of the book! makes me feel like going on an adventure. and the movie felt real, i like how they didnt try to make the main character a hero where normal people can't relate to. like after he got fired and he stayed that way, but with a future to look forward to. not sure why it didn't make it big in the box office, but with big productions like the hunger games and the hobbit maybe it got shadowed. but it's good! don't understand the critics sometimes haha. sometimes it does feel like the panels we have in critique session, when you think a work is good they don't like it, and vice versa. kinda feels like they do this all for the sake for proving that they understand something more than us normal people/layman do. 

coming up on the holidays there's a huge back log of photos from my hong kong trip to edit >< now that i think of it, putting up christmas photo's in january wouldn't be weird, right? hahaha, the reason why is because i couldn't find my memory card reader for my desktop, and my laptop konked out. gah. anyways, back to work now and i'll see you guys soon! ;) 

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